Customer Services

Customer service business unit The Customer Services strategic business unit handles the business-critical IT needs of large and medium corporate organisations in Maharashtra. We offer customised services in the areas of hardware, software support, environmental engineering, networking projects and turnkey projects, including equipment supply, installation, commissioning and facilities management. We also provide consultancy services for various information technology requirements.

Planning, implementing and managing IT infrastructure projects successfully require a thorough knowledge of products, service offerings and a successful track record of project management. Many of our corporate clients outsource these tasks to RIPL. These include consultancy for design and sizing, identification of hardware products and models, sourcing these items and managing their entire data management activity.

We offer customers optimum solutions based on state-of-the-art products available from our business partners. These value-added services include design, configuration, procurement, integration, installation and commissioning. The mix and match of various servers, PCs, peripherals, networking equipment and structured cabling provide customers an opportunity to get the best value for their money and assures single-point support.

Service Offerings

  • Systems and Hardware Consultancy
  • Infrastructure Development and Management

Equipment Supply

Whether it is pure equipment supply or part of an integrated solution, RIPL can source, integrate and support the best hardware, network or systems software components. We have partnerships and business alliances with well-known international brands like IBM, Lenovo, Hewlett Packard (HP), Oracle, Samsung, Cisco, Sony, Epson, Intel, Macrosoft, Tyco, Wipro, APC, and etc.

Hardware Maintenance

RIPL´s superiority in providing technical support has been acquired following a wide exposure to varied technologies over the years. We maintain over 3000 systems from 40 different manufacturers, RIPL is Nasik´s No.1 third party maintenance company.


As a network solutions provider, RIPL offers a range of services using cutting-edge technologies:
  • Network consultancy
  • Network design
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of networking and inter-networking products
  • Structured cabling
  • Network and security audits
  • Internet / intranet solutions
  • Networking development
  • Enterprise management systems
Partnerships and business alliances with well-known network equipment companies enables us to provide technically superior and cost effective solutions. Today, RIPL is recognised as Nasik´s premier network consultancy and implementation agency.

Facilities Management

RIPL provides total facilities management; including computer centre operations, software maintenance, and enhancement, as well as hardware maintenance. In fact, many of our clients have completely outsourced their IT infrastructure to RIPL, relying on our expertise.

Enterprise Management

We build IT solutions around proven enterprise software, technology and business infrastructure capabilities, sourced from our partners. These include enterprise management, security, storage, business intelligence, application lifecycle management, network management, web management, data management, etc. Our enterprise management solutions provide tangible business value, and maximise return on investment (ROI) on IT spending.

Environmental Engineering

RIPL offers computer site preparation as an integral part of its field engineering services. Our projects range from small sites to large contracts.

Turnkey Consultancy

We provide high-quality technical expertise to our customers. RIPL´s strategic consulting offerings assist our customers to define the fundamental IT solution architecture for their enterprises, and to make suitable technology choices based on industry trends. Important architectural services include planning the total information technology infrastructure, re-engineering legacy systems and integration.

Complex IT systems require sophisticated management. RIPL offers systems management consultancy for guiding technology, product selection, configuration and implementation required, to effectively exploit their potential. We also conduct training for users. The underlying approach is to work closely with our customers and position technology within an architecture that brings the greatest business benefits in a cost-effective manner.

Network Design & Management

Networking is one of the most important areas in information technology, and a thrust area for the business unit.

RIPL´s networking group offers development, consultancy, technical support in networking and communications. RIPL supplies networking equipment, designs LANs and WANs, installs cables and performs other services for its customers.

Network consultancy

RIPL provides consultancy for design and implementation of enterprise networks and management solutions.

IT security consultancy

We offer IT security consultancy services, which include security policy designing, business continuity planning, security audit, and server hardening.

Supply, installation and commissioning

Its partnership with industry leaders in networking – OEMs such as Cisco – enables RIPL to provide top-of-the-line networking solutions to its customers. RIPL is the authorised systems integrator for these products.

Enterprise management

We offer enterprise management services for management and monitoring of all network components such as servers, network hardware, WAN links, etc.


  • Strong client base
  • Successful track record for many years
  • More then 55 expert Engineers & network professionals
  • Certified in various aspects of networking, like network design, implementation and support, enterprise management, firewalls, information security, etc.
  • Alliances with industry leading OEMs to provide international standard solutions and services to its customers